Christmas poo

J’s specialty dessert is a Greek cookie known as koularakia – little cookies twisted into ribbons. They’re quite tasty and have the added benefit of being something that the kids can help her make. Not only do they work on the dough together, but the kids also have a fun time twisting the dough into the proper shape.

Yesterday, the three of them set about making the cookies for our Christmas party. Seeing them all ensconced in such a wonderful holiday tradition, I headed out to wander the stores. This tale, therefore, comes from J, via phone while I was shopping…

After the dough was all made, she cleaned while the boys twisted the cookies into their proper shape.

“Mommy,” N asked quietly, “can I use potty talk?”

Cuurious, she agreed.

“These look like poops.”

She didn’t have an answer for that.

Both boys ran away giggling. Figuring her Christmasy family moment was over, she went back to cleaning.

A few minutes later, however, she heard them whispering to each other. “Let’s go make some more Christmas poops.”

Hmmm… I probably shouldn’t have written this tale until after the Christmas party.

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