A Lot of Hoo

As I was leaving breakfast for work the other day, my five year old stopped me: “Daddy? Daddy! DADDY!”

I stopped and turned around. “Yes?”

He gave me two thumbs up. “You got a lot of Hoo, dude. A lot of hoo.”

I smiled and gave him my best Fonzie thumb. “Thanks, Dude. Thanks.”

He nodded, whispered “yeah” to himself, and went back to eating. His mom and little brother looked back and forth between us, bewildered. I left.

No, I have no idea what just happened. I had kind of hoped that I would have a few more years before the kids started using slang that I didn’t understand. But I can’t complain. After all, I got a lot of Hoo.

My oldest, he’s one hoopy dude. You sass?

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