I Wish

Writing groups have become an integral part of my life these days. I’m currently in three separate groups. That’s not quite as time-consuming as it sounds –  basically one meeting a week, occasionally two.

The kids, of course, have noticed my absence. I have been very straightforward with them, explaining that I go to meet with other writers and we talk about each other’s writing. They view it as a cross between practicing, competing, and going to school – which really isn’t too far off the mark.

A couple weekends ago, one of the writing groups was hosted by Libby at her house. In addition to being a talented writer, Libby is an amazing dessert chef, and she had cooked up some homemade chocolate pie for the group. I’m pretty straightforward when it comes to chocolate pie. While everyone else was saying “just a small piece,” I commented on how good it looked. Libby cut me a slice that was roughly a quarter the size of the entire pie. It was delicious.

When I returned home, my oldest asked me how it went.

“Great,” I answered. “They gave me a big slice of chocolate pie!”

“The biggest?”

“Ha! Yep, I had the biggest slice alright. It was delicious!”

“Maybe,” he said, smiling, “maybe you got the best cause you wrote the best!”

I grabbed him and gave him a big hug. “Next time,” I said, “I’m going to sneak some pie home for you!”

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