Wake Up Call

For the past few weeks, I’ve been battling a sinus problem. Allergy, cold, flu… I’ve no idea what it is. The doctor now has me on some medication that has absolutely wiped me out. I’m completely exhausted. Getting up in the morning has turned into a difficult process.

The kids aren’t used to this. They’re used to me rolling out of bed, ready to play.

The other morning, N (my three year old) came running back in to my bedroom. Everyone else was up. Completely dressed, he climbed up into the bed smiling broadly. I reached out to help him up.

“Are you coming to lie down with Daddy? How nice…”

He laughed and climbed over me. Then he started fluffing pillows, trying to find just the right spot to put his head. I sat up a little bit, pulled out my pillow. He likes mine the best for some reason.

“Do you want mine?” I asked. “Here you go…” I handed him my pillow and pulled one of my wife’s pillows over for me to use.

He took my pillow, still smiling, and hit me in the face with it – BOP!

“Time to get up, Daddy!” BOP! “Time” BOP! “to” BOP! “Wake up!” BOP!

Indeed it is.

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