Baby Swiss

I’ve thought several times that I should add a “bizarre” category, but at this point (after 470+ tales), it would involve going back and re-categorizing such a large number of them, that I just don’t think I can do it.

As we were eating lunch the other day, our four year old noticed his momma pass me a piece of swiss cheese.

“Can I have some? Please! Can I have some of that cheese?”

“Okay.” I broke off a piece and handed it to him.

“Are you sure?” his momma asked. “Are you sure? It’s Baby Swiss. Are you sure you want it?”

She said this because he doesn’t usually like Swiss cheese.

His little face contorted itself in to the most dramatic wide-eyed expression of horror you can imagine. “What? BABY Swiss? Blech! No! No!”  He dropped it on his plate and tried to climb out of his chair.

I caught him. “It’s just cheese. That’s all it is. They just call it baby Swiss. I don’t know why.”

His momma hurried to back me up. “Yeah, it’s just called that because it doesn’t have any holes. regular Swiss cheese has holes.”

The little guy stopped squirming and looked suspiciously at the cheese.

“You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to,” I said, popping a piece in my mouth.

He tore a little piece off the corner and popped it in his mouth. His face lightened. “Hey! I like it! I like it! It’s just cheese!”

What I can’t stop wondering is: what did he think it was in the first place? Did he really think we were eating sliced babies?

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