Tummy Talk

The kids started something called “drama camp” today. “Drama camp” is not a real camp. It’s a couple hours a day of kids playing around. We thought they’d enjoy it – and so did they.

Things changed a bit a few weeks back, though. That’s when they saw a friend of theirs at the end of her drama camp, giving a performance in front of a crowded house. Suddenly, drama camp for my soon-to-be-six-year-old became more scary and less exciting.

We persisted, however, going with the theory that he could conquer his fear. It was a gamble, but hopefully a good one.

This morning, as they were being dropped off, his younger brother chimed in with his opinion. “Mommy, my tummy feels like it’s going on a roller coaster.”

Hmm… I think it’s time to update the old expression about butterflies in the stomach. Roller coaster tummy makes much more sense to me.

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