Ray of Sunshine

As some of you know, I currently wear three hats: game designer, writer, and software developer. Of these three, it’s the third job that causes me the most stress. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing software. I do. There are, however, occasional problems that can really ramp up the old blood pressure – tracking down elusive bugs, figuring out new pieces of software, mastering unfamiliar technologies, that sort of thing. 

The other day, I was hard at work fighting through just such a moment when my youngest ran up the stairs and into my office. He’s not allowed to do that, by the way, for two very good reasons.  Most importantly, I need to work. Secondly, I have an unfortunate tendency to be rather “undiplomatic” (my wife’s words) towards people who interrupt me when I’m in precisely this situation.

He leapt into my office, arms spread wide. “Daddy, daddy! I have wonderful news!”

“Are you supposed to be up here?” I growled.

“Wonderful news!” He repeated. “Momma said I can wear my shirt until we get to the pool!”


“I can wear my shirt! Until we get to the pool! I can wear my shirt!”


He laughed. “Yeah!” Then he ran back downstairs.

I’d like to say that this little inexplicable ray of sunshine brightened my day. It certainly should have. Sometimes, though, the sunlight just makes the shadows seem darker.

Ooh, that sounded dramatic, didn’t it? I’ll have to remember that line. I’ll bet I can use it somewhere.

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