As you may remember, our oldest son much prefers riding on roller coasters with me than with his momma. The problem is simple: she likes to scream on roller coasters – and that scares the heck out of the kids.

We were back down at Disney a couple weeks ago, packing in the good times before school starts, when the idea of roller coasters came up. Naturally, my wife wanted a turn riding with the big guy.

He, however, didn’t want anything to do with that. He’s not quite six years old yet, and the roller coasters are right on the edge of being too scary. Having his momma screaming next to him is simply too much.

The discussion raged as we walked to Thunder Mountain. Finally, the big guy came up with a compromise.

“Okay, Momma. Okay, but no screaming.”

“But I like screaming.”

“Well you can’t. But you can moan. You can moan, but not scream. How about that? How about if you moan?”

I was all in favor of that, of course, and his little brother chimed in as well. Between the three of us – and because she was distracted by trying not too laugh – we easily overrode her objections. By the time we reached the roller coaster, the decision had been made and agreed upon. She would ride the roller coaster, and moan the whole way.

I wish I could report on whether she actually lived up to the agreement, but I was watching the ride with my youngest from the sidelines.

Regardless, I think we have witnessed the birth of a new family tradition.

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