If there’s one thing you can count on seeing at Disney, it’s tired children. They come in all sizes and shapes, all attitudes. Some cry, some yell, some get jittery. Our youngest gets quiet.

The last time we were down at Disney was no exception. As were were making our way out of the park, we passed a Disney employee with a roll of stickers. She bent down and greeted the boys. “Hi! Would you like some stickers?”

“Yeah!” My oldest shouted.

“Okay,” my youngest mumbled.

She handed each one a couple stickers.

My oldest said “Thanks!” and bounced away, stickering himself as fast as he could.

The Disney lady straightened back up with a smile. “You’re welcome!”

My youngest, usually the more polite of the two, wandered away looking at the stickers. Ten steps or so later, he stopped and said “Thank you.”

When there wasn’t any answer, he looked up.  Not seeing the sticker lady, he turned all around, looking for her. She wasn’t there. He caught sight of me trying not to laugh, and then giggle himself. He held his arms out towards me.

“Shoulders?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he laughed.

I lifted him up on to my shoulders. A few steps later he was asleep, resting his head on top of mine.

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