Trusting Daddy

This is one that’s so silly I’m not going to tell you which boy said what…

I was sitting on the couch one evening reading to the boys, when I noticed one of them had raised his pajama shirt and was holding his nipples while he stared at them. I stopped reading to look at him.

It took him a few seconds to realize I’d stopped reading. He looked up at me, hands still pulling at his nipples. “Dad, why do boys have moles on their chest?”

I pondered this for a second and then decided to go with the truth. “Well, they’re called nipples and girls have them too.”

“Nah-ah!” The other boy exclaimed, pulling his shirt up.

“Yep, they do. Trust me on that one.”

“No they don’t!”

“Really, they do – and theirs are bigger.”

“Nah-ah!” one said, horrified.

“I’m gonna ask momma!” the other added.

At that point, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing any more. “Okay,” I laughed. “You do that. You ask momma if she has nipples.”

They looked at me suspiciously.

“But if you get in trouble,” I said. “You can’t blame it on me.”

If you’re wondering, the answer is no, they never asked their momma. Apparently, sometimes it’s okay to trust daddy.

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