This Much

Our current challenge with our 6-year old is teaching him to stop being silly when it’s time to stop being silly. He’s great at being silly, and he’s great at being serious, but he has troubles in transition.

The other evening, I came down to dinner in the middle of a battle between he and his momma. She was trying to get dinner ready, and he was trying to get in as much trouble as he possibly could. As I entered the kitchen, he ran to his chair and hopped up and put his fork on his head. ”Haaaa! Look at me! Haaa!”

“You’re being too silly,” his momma scolded. “A little silly is okay, but you’re being too silly. Now put that fork down and go wash your hands!”

The little guy held up his hand in front of his face, and peered between his forefinger and thumb. “How about this much?” He moved his finger and thumb closer together. “Is this much silly okay? How about this much?”

Heh, heh, heh.

Unfortunately for him, his momma did not see the humor in the situation. I probably wouldn’t have either, had I been in her shoes.

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