[This tale comes courtesy of the boys’ momma.]

This little gem took place at the playground before school last Friday. Their momma has started giving them some playground time before school whenever she can, and last Friday was one of those days. They had a friend with them, a little girl all dressed up for school in a pretty pink dress.

They also had a soccer ball. Both boys play soccer and, since I’ve been helping out with the coaching, they’re pretty into it.

Once they reached the playground, the boys grabbed the ball and started running to play. Their friend in the dress followed them of course, but my oldest son stopped her.

“Nah,” he said. “You can be the cheerleader.”


This particular friend is not one of those wilting wall-flower types. She stole the ball and proceeded to give them a real run for their money.

I think you have to score this one as a win for girls everywhere. True, the little girl’s pretty pink dress ended up being a bit of a mess, but the boys’ egos took much more of a beating.

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