As I was driving the family to a park the other evening, our youngest decided to draw a picture. I pulled into the parking lot, and pushed the button to open the minivan doors. “Okay, everybody out!”

“Wait, wait! I drew you a picture!”

The little guy waved a piece of paper at me. I took it and gave it a careful examination. He had drawn a big colorful rainbow across the whole sheet of paper. “Wow. That’s a great rainbow. Thanks!”

“It’s for you and momma.”

“What about just for me?”

“No, for you and momma.”

“Okay, but since you handed it to me, I’m gonna keep it and it’ll be just for me.”

“No! No! It’s for you and momma!”

“But I’m Daddy Fantastico!” Okay, I’m really not. But I’m still trying.

“And she’s Mommy Fantastico!”

Sheesh. All that work down the drain. I handed the rainbow picture to my wife, who was grinning from ear to ear.

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