Too Many Fingers

A few months ago, my oldest son hit on the idea of agreeing with his mom about not enjoying certain types of play. He has decided, for example, that “God Bless a Hamburger” is not appropriate.

When Finger of Doom returned to our lives (click here for details) yesterday morning, he wanted no part of it. “No,” he shouted as his little brother held up a menacing finger. “No! I don’t want to play.”

I explained to my youngest that if his brother didn’t want to play, he didn’t have to. The little guy grumbled about it but agreed.

That afternoon after school, however, an explosion of laughing and crying drew me down to the den. When I got there, I found the six year old stumbling backwards, shouting “no, no, no” and making crying noises. His little brother stood in front of him, finger held high, repeating “Finger of Doom!” over and over again.

I think this whole finger issue might be getting a bit out of hand.

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