The Other Guy

For the past several months, we’ve been desperately searching for health insurance we can afford. Fortunately, our search has finally concluded. Last Friday, our insurance guy came to the house to help us finish up the last of the paperwork and answer our questions.

The kids were home at the time, as was my wife. The kids played while she and I talked business with the insurance guy. It didn’t take too long, which was good, because my wife had a cardiologist appointment (ironic, huh?).

As soon as the insurance guy left, my wife ran to grab her keys. “Hey guys,” she said to the kids. “I’ll be back in a bit. I’ve got to run out to the doctor’s.”

Our youngest didn’t like that at all. “But who’s gonna stay with us?”

Momma pointed at me, still gathering up papers from the kitchen table. “He is.”

The little guy looked at me, then looked at the front door. “But what about the other guy?”


Thanks, kid. Good to know I don’t rate quite as high as “the other guy”!

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