Could you?

Our four year old loves to share candy. He’s always sneaking a piece of candy into my hand or offering a piece to one of his friends.

The other day, he offered a sour worm to a three-year old girl that was visiting. “Would you like to try one?” he asked, holding out the bright green little worm.

In case you haven’t tried one of these worms, they are ridiculously sour – the kind of thing that makes your face pucker and your eyes water. I have no idea why my kids like them.

As soon ast the girl popped it in her mouth, her face puckered. “EEEWwwww!” she shouted and spat it into her hand.

“Suck on it,” the little guy said, pushing her hand back up towards her mouth. “Suck on it a while and it’ll get better.”

The little girl looked at him, and then at me, expression doubtful. I shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t like them either.”

“No really,” my son repeated. ”Suck on it and it’ll get better.”

She tried it again, made the exact same face, and spat it out. Then she held it out to my son. “Could you suck it for me?”

“Um,” the little guy answered. Clearly, he’d never thought of that solution before.

Neither, to be honest, had I. “How about some chocolate instead?” I asked.


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