Feel the Love

A few years back, the boys and I developed a tradition we call “Finger Love” (click here for more information). Despite a few weird setbacks, this tradition has persisted through the years.

It’s been raining here for about a week, completely shutting down our morning routines of bicycling and exercise. Since the kids have been enjoying playing with each other, I’ve been starting work a bit earlier.

The other morning, as the kids were heading off to school, my youngest stopped at the bottom of the stairs. “Two things, daddy! Two things!”

I headed down the stairs  “What?”

“Secret Handshake and Finger Love”

Sounded good to me. We did our secret handshake and followed it with some finger love.

“Look at this,” he said, touching the tips of his index fingers together (in effect, giving himself finger love). “I could do this all morning!”

I had no response to that, other than a queasy feeling. You tell me. Is there anything wrong with finger-loving yourself?

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