Things you can’t say

The kids and their mom went down to visit some friends at Disney yesterday. The friends were staying at a Disney hotel with what sounds like a fantastic pool. There’s some sort of volcano or mountain in the middle with a water slide twisting around it.

My wife described it last night as a great water slide, super long and fast.

I asked my six-year old about it this morning. “Nah,” he said. “It wasn’t that long.”

“Really?” I asked. “‘Cause momma said it was really long. She said that Mrs. B (the other mom) tried it and she thought it was really long too.”

“Well,” he answered. “Maybe that’s cause they’re bigger than I am.”


“They’re bigger, and a little fatter, so maybe their sides rub on the sides of the slide, and that slows them down.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked.

“Yeah, and that would make it seem longer – cause they’re going slower.”

“You’re right. That definitely would make it seem longer.”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“I don’t think I would tell Momma that, though.”

“No,” he nodded. “Definitely not.”

Hmm… I probably shouldn’t have written this one up.

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