No Words Needed

“Da-addy!” my youngest screamed, running into the bathroom where I was brushing my teeth. “He said he’s not going to be my brother anymore!”

I pulled the toothbrush out of my mouth and spat, but before I could say anything, his older brother ran in. “Well,” he said, “he told me he wasn’t going to play with me anymore!”

I looked back to the younger. “But that was because he wasn’t letting me play with the trains,” the little guy shouted before I said anything.

“That’s because he took my car!”

“No I didn’t! That was my car! You took it from me!”

My oldest opened his mouth to yell back, then stopped. He actually looked embarrassed. “Oh,” he said. “Well, shoot.” He handed the train car back to his little brother and the two ran back to playing.

I went back to brushing my teeth.

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