Too innocent

After seeing the ads for it all month, we decided to watch the new television show Galavant last night. It turned out to be a weird musical comedy.

How weird? Early on, the evil king sang a song about how he was going to “do it” with the woman he was forcing to marry him.

I glanced at my wife. “If this doesn’t get better, I’m fine with switching to something else.”

“I like it,” my oldest son said.

“What does he mean by ‘doing it’?” his little brother asked, standing up and looking intently at his mom. 

She and I exchanged another look.

“Sex,” she said. “He’s talking about sex.”

“Really?” he said. “Did you guys do that the night you were married?”

“Uhh…” my wife said.

Something about the little guy’s wide-eyed expression clued me in. It was too innocent, too pure. “That’s enough,” I said.

The corners of his mouth twitched, then a full-face smile escaped his control. Giggling, he dropped back into his seat to watch the show.

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