It’s all about timing

This morning, as the boys and I were eating our breakfast, I noticed my oldest son getting more and more frustrated. Finally, he exploded.

“Will you stop it, already?” he shouted at his brother.

“Stop what?” I asked. “All he’s doing is chewing.” He was, too. His mouth was so packed full of cereal he looked like a chipmunk. “You can’t yell at him for chewing.”

“Every time I ask him a question, he fills his mouth with food.” my oldest son said. “It’s so frustrating!”

“Oh. Yeah, that would be frustrating.”

By now, the little chewer had managed to swallow. “No I don’t,” he said with his fake innocent face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Okay,” my oldest said, gesturing with his hands and clearly trying to keep himself under control. “All I want to know is – ”

His little brother lifted a spoon full of cereal, smiled, and stuffed it in his mouth.


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