It’s just not cool

It was raining this morning, not the typical hard driving rain of Florida, but more of a slow-but-steady spring shower.

After breakfast, the boys and I put on our raincoats and went out to throw the football. We even had one of the neighbors join us. The neighbor and my youngest son ran off to the bus when it arrived. My oldest and I went back inside to dry off and kill the twenty minutes until he had to be at his bus stop.

His bus stop is at the front of the neighborhood. Sometimes, he walks. Sometimes, I drive him. Today, in the rain, I gave him a ride.

“Don’t forget your raincoat,” I said as we headed for the car.

“I know, I know.”

He already had it on.

We drove to the front of the neighborhood and I let him out. As he stepped out of the car and into the rain, he shrugged his raincoat off and tucked it under the strap of his backpack.

I guess raincoats aren’t cool.

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