A difficult start

This morning was the first meeting of the Beta club for my oldest son. The Beta club, in case you missed the earlier tale, is an invitation-only service organization for kids with good grades. It meets in the mornings before school.

I drove my son and his friend in. On the way in, they talked about all sorts of school things, and I found myself indulging in a little bit of a proud papa moment.

We pulled up to the school. My son climbed out of the Mini, and then looked at his friend. “Do you know where the club meets?”

“Um, no.”

I tried to cover my smile as I watched them stand beside the car and scan the surrounding buildings. The school they go to is large, and laid out in a network of two-story buildings separated by fields and walkways.

“Dad,” my son said. “Do you know?”

“Sorry. I’ve got no idea. Maybe check at the front office?”


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