Sixth Birthday FAQ

The 6th Birthday Party: Living a Comic Book

Our 5 year old (now 6) asked if we could do a superhero theme for his birthday party. We said yes. This is the FAQ. Click here to read the story.

Where was I during the party?

Sadly, I regained consciousness only after everyone had left. The Green Spark handled things in my place, and filled me in on the details afterwards. I’m fortunate to have such a jazzy looking superhero for a friend.

Who is everyone?

  • Rainbow Bridgeman is a hero my oldest son invented. He can change shape into “anything he wants to”
  • Mudman is a hero invented by my youngest son. He can control mud, making it do whatever he wants.
  • Agent 57 is a mysterious hero who works behind the scenes gathering information about supervillains. The ultimate double-agent, Agent 57 can always be counted on when times are toughest. Unfortunately, no one knows who Agent 57 is, or even if he is a boy or a girl. You can find plotlines about Agent 57 here. What are Agent 57’s powers? I have no idea.
  • The Green Spark is a hero who gained fame when I included some stories about him in the StoryTellers game I published. A long time friend of mine, he is known for his fine fashion sense.
  • Baron Battle is the father of Warren Peace, from the movie Sky High.
  • Royal Paine is a supervillain (also from the movie Sky High) capable of creating diabolical machines

Why did the Badges Turn Green?

I would imagine that Agent 57 wanted to use a color that would stand out, and also be connected to the Green Spark.

How did Agent 57 get the Puzzle Pieces in the Badges? They weren’t there when we put them on, were they?

Who knows? Agent 57 is a talented and mysterious hero. It was a good thing the clues were hidden, though. If the Baron had found them before us, we would have been in trouble!

The Evil-A-Tor was a Pinata?

Yes. Can you think of anything that inspires reckless greed as much as a Pinata? And what is evil, if not unfettered greed?

What about the Innocent Bystanders?

Everyone who came to the party left in good health. All those affected by the Evil-A-Tor were returned to their normal good selves by the Silly String.

Where did the artwork come from?

Mostly it’s just clipart. The Green Spark designed his own logo, of course, but other than that, it’s just clipart.


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