Don’t Go Shopping!

Once C got old enough, J started working weekends (she is otherwise a stay-at-home mom). The first weekend that J left, I was hanging out with C (this was before N arrived), and he asked where mommy was. I said “She’s working.” He looked at me for a second, and then said “No…She’s shopping.”

I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing. I tried to explain that she was, in fact, working, but he just said “silly daddy. Mommy’s shopping.”

After a brief (futile) discussion, I decided to let him be right. No real harm done, and a pretty funny little private joke for us to share. So, on weekends, Mommy was shopping. Over the next few months, this joke grew out of control. Now, whenever Mommy goes anywhere without C, she is shopping. Fortunately, J’s not offended.

A few weeks ago, this odd little joke took on new life. My folks had been visiting, and when they were leaving C called out “Goodbye! Don’t go shopping!”

That was the start of something new. C apparently associates “shopping” with being away a long time. So when someone is leaving, and C wants them to come back soon, he calls out “Don’t go shopping!” People being people, they tend to laugh and call back to him “Okay, I won’t. Don’t go shopping!”

From misunderstanding to reinforced method of communication in three easy steps. Ah well.

Goodbye for now. Don’t go shopping!

1 thoughts on “Don’t Go Shopping!

  1. Nana says:

    When we were at the beach one day with J and the boys, our friendly C smiled and made friends with another family near by. This friendship, willy nilly, was very short lived, because these folks were from out of state.
    However, when we left them C admonished them clearly, “Don’t go Shopping!”
    And we all parted laughing!

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