N Update

Just a quick Tuesday update. For the past few weeks, J has been making fun of the troubles I have feeding N.

Last night, all was made right. N was in his (rear-facing) carseat, and J was in the minivan behind him. I was driving and she was leaning forward to feed him spoonfuls of baby food.

After a few spoonfuls, she paused and said, “this is strange. Why’s he looking so serious? He must really be hungry.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. Thanks to a cleverly positioned combination of mirrors, the driver can actually see the baby’s face – and I recognized that expression.

Sure enough, as J leaned forward with the spoon, N’s right hand shot up. He was unarmed this time, but his aim was still good. He struck the underside of the spoon, sending baby food splattering back on J and the ceiling of the mini van.

She was so surprised she fell back in her seat. C and I both started laughing. Not able to resist, I innocently suggested “Why don’t you give him a spoon to play with while you feed him?”

N didn’t crack a smile, though. He just waited open mouthed with that strangely serious expression of his.

Battle had been joined – and he would not be distracted.

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