First day of school

This is a DaddyTales first: a story about something that happened when I was not around. I thought it made a good tale, though. Let me know if you agree!

C started his new preschool this past Monday. As with all parents, we were concerned about how well he would do, how nervous he would be, and so forth. In particular, I hate the idea of an (almost) 3 year old going off to school. It seems to me that there should be a larger grace period before becoming a part of "the system".

So we gave the little guy a pretty good build up to the event. We talked about how fun school would be and how he’d meet great new friends. He met his teacher beforehand, and during meals we talked about how great it would be to go to school.

All seemed to be going well. He woke up excited, was happy to get in the car, even gave me some finger love when he and J left in the morning.

A perfect success, right? Not quite. As he was walking from the car to the school, he stopped. He looked at the school, then he looked up at J. She asked him what was wrong, and he asked her in a very quiet voice, "Will you miss me, Mama?"


It was probably just as well Mama was there and not me. I probably would have whisked him off to Disney for a day of hookey.

1 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. Barbara says:

    AWWW that’s so tame!!!!!
    not like Michael- who I left in the arms of a wonderful teacher, screaming his head off. David and I sat in the hallway out of sight waiting for him to calm down. Eventually he became quieter- but I couldnt risk a peek into the room to see if he was OK. So I stopped at the Director’s office and talked with her- she assured me that he would be fine and that she would call if there was a problem. So I got back early and looked onthe playground- No Michael- went into the school and there was Michael, sitting in the exact corner where I had left him-just him and the teacher- Mom left him in the corner and by golly that was where he was going to stay. he ws not going to have fun he ws not going to play- I promised myself that I would give it a week – then pull him- by the end of the week he was running to class- Now ask me about the 1st days of kindergarden!!!!

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