No respect. No respect, I say!

This week J and the kids were visiting her family in Texas. So last Saturday, I thought I’d take the boys some place special while J was at work. Sort of a “here’s something to make sure you remember me” trip.

We went to MGM Studios. For those not from Orlando, MGM is one of the Disney theme parks here in town. It is themed, as you can probably guess, around the movies. Lots of great shows, a few good rides, and a whole lot of ambience.

What it doesn’t have is a train.

C loves trains, all sorts of trains. The tram in the parking lot is called a “Monster Train”. The monorail is a “monorail train”. The train that goes around the Magic Kingdom is a “regular train”. Roller Coasters are “roller coaster trains”. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

We went to MGM and had a great time. We took the monster train to the park, rode a couple rides, played in the playground, and saw some shows. We even watched the Disney Playhouse show which is themed around Bear and the Big Blue house (one of C’s favorite characters). Really, they both had a great time.

We got home around 4pm and they collapsed into their naps. J came home from work, we had dinner, and then we all took a walk around the neighborhood.

A great day, right? I certainly thought so.

Well, on our walk around the neighborhood, we meet some neighbors and stop to chat. During the course of that, they ask C if he had a fun day. He puts on the saddest face, shrugs, and sighs: “No roller coaster trains.”

Surprised, I pipe in, “but we rode on a monster train.”

“Yep. Monster train,” sigh, “but no regular train.”

What about the shows!?

“Great shows, but no roller coaster train.” Then he gives another big sigh, “no roller coaster train.” Sigh.

Big sigh… I’ll give him a big sigh.


3 thoughts on “No respect. No respect, I say!

  1. John Frost says:

    This is so my future. My two year old loves choo-choo’s and is already a big fan of the local themeparks. So far he’s placated by Playhouse Disney, but I’m sure he’ll soon discover that MGM Studios is trainless.

  2. Angel says:

    ROFL Don’t they have the backstage tour anymore? They used to have a tram, er, sorry, train that took you around ;)

  3. OrlandoDad says:

    The backstage tour includes that FX section that has fire and large quantities of falling water. I was a little chicken to take N on it. You’re right, though. The next time we go, I think that’s the place to take C.

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