Simon Says

Yesterday, we flew back from Texas with two extremely tired boys. I mean, really, really tired. After a week of playing with their cousins, both were ready to spend a week sleeping.

We were standing in the security line in the Houston airport with them sitting in their strollers, when J decided to try to perk them up. She moved in front of them, bent down to their level and said – in the perkiest voice you can imagine – "Simon says…touch your nose!"

N didn’t move. He just looked at her with his half-closed eyes.

C didn’t move either. He just kept sucking his thumb.

I didn’t hear any chuckles from the people around us but I think J might have, because she tried again. "Simon says… touch your nose!"

C pulled his thumb out of his mouth, looked at her carefully, and said "Simon says suck your thumb", and then put his thumb back in his mouth.

And so ends another wonderful game of Simon Says.

2 thoughts on “Simon Says

  1. Angel says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA our kids sound very similar ;)

  2. Barbara says:

    simon says “laugh til it hurts”

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