Hi Mom

C goes to pre-school three days a week. He’s the youngest in his class, but not the most well-behaved.

In fact, just the other day J went in to visit with the principal. She had some stuff to drop off, but they were also going to talk about C’s latest transgression and why he was sent to the principal’s office.

As she was walking there, she passed one of the teacher’s walking C to the principal’s office.

The teacher explained quickly where he was going and why.

J looked at C.

He gave a big sigh and waved his hand. “Hi Momma.”

Wouldn’t that suck? You’re sent to the principal’s office and on the way you meet your mom – who is there discuss why you were sent to the principal’s office the last time!

You can’t help but feel for the little guy.

1 thoughts on “Hi Mom

  1. nana says:

    For heaven’s sake! He is only three years old! What did he do???

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