The Joys of the Working Parent

The other day, an unusual confluence of work responsibilities meant that we had to use a babysitter during the daytime. We have a great babysitter, but this is very unusual for us, so I was a little nervous.

I made it until just after lunch time before calling. The babysitter let the answering machine take the call, but then picked up when she heard my voice. I asked how everything was going.

“Oh, fine, fine. Everyone’s getting along great and we’re having a good ti – C! Get off the table! No standing on the table! I said GET OFF THE TABLE! Uhh… Err… heh, heh… I’m sorry, but I think I better go.”

Yes, yes I think maybe you should.

1 thoughts on “The Joys of the Working Parent

  1. nana says:

    Did you go home early???HAHAHA! To add to your confidence..remind me to tell you about the sitter we had who almost lost your brother…heh!

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