Excuse me

We’ve been doing our best to teach the little guys good manners. Among other things, they are learning that they are not allowed to shout down whoever else is speaking. Instead, they are supposed to wait for a pause, and then say “excuse me”. Despite C’s insistence, they are not allowed to shout “excuse me”, but are supposed to say it.

You can probably imagine how hard this is for two toddlers. It’s very difficult for them to patiently wait for their turn to speak.

Lately, N has hit on a new tactic. Instead of waiting, he whispers “excuse me” very quietly over and over again. I can’t stress enough how quiet he is when he does this. It really looks like he’s just moving his lips and no sound is coming out. When there’s a pause in the talking, however, he raises the volume to a normal whisper.

We were at the dinner table the first time this happened, and his mom was talking. He was sitting next to her, leaning in and whispering “excuse me.” When I pointed out what he was doing, she looked down, leaned her head very close and whispered back “Yes, what is it?”

He smiled shyly at her and then opened his mouth and let out the biggest, loudest “BLLLLAAAAAAHHHHH!” you ever heard.

Momma almost fell out of her chair and both boys erupted into laughing.

I wish I could say that I planned that with them.

3 thoughts on “Excuse me

  1. Amber says:

    How funny! It sounds like N has some natural comedic genius?

    So I also have a comment that is unrelated (sorry), but did you change your CSS padding? If so, I really like the new look/change. :-)

  2. OrlandoDad says:

    Thanks! The CSS for the main portion of the site changed pretty dramatically. That’s ongoing, and I’m still working on getting the colors right. Unfortunately, the free utility that I’m using for the actual tales (i.e., the page you’re looking at now) doesn’t give me much control at all. It may have changed, but if so, I can’t claim any credit.

  3. Angel says:

    When my son does that “excuse me” thing, it reminds me of the little boy in “It’s a Wonderful Life” LOL

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