As you may have noticed, we play a lot of games with the kids. These games are on-going throughout all sorts of other activities. Pillow-bopping, for example, can break out at any place that actually has pillows.

Well, the other day we were in a restaurant getting some breakfast. There were a good number of us (it was J’s family reunion) and the waitress had to walk around the table to get all our orders. As she passed by N, she reached down to ruffle his hair.

He immediately shouted “Duck!”

The waitress, who hadn’t really been paying that much attention, leapt back several feet.

I guess she hadn’t been expecting the two year old to shout “Duck” at her. Silly waitress. Clearly, he’d been starting a game of “duck duck goose”.

I think she figured it out later, when the kids were running around the table, tapping heads and shouting “Duck!” while the parents called out variations of “No. We’re not playing duck duck goose right now. No. Sit down. SIT DOWN!”

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