Momma Mermaid

As a celebration of C’s 4th birthday, we spent this past weekend camping down at Disney. It was a whirlwind of rides and showe and new experiences.

During meals, or any other slow downs, we’d typically about talk the things we’d seen and done. It was at one such meal that C announced “I liked the mermaids.”

We had ridden the Peter Pan ride relatively recently so this wasn’t completely out of the blue. “Oh yeah?” I said. “Me too.”

“They were pretty.”

“Yeah,” I said, the germ of an idea forming in my tired brain. “Delicate and pretty.”

“Yeah, yeah! They were delicate and pretty! That’s right!” He seemed to be surprised that I had gotten it right.

I nodded thoughtfully and repeated “Delicate and pretty.”

He did a pretty good imitation of my nod. “Yeah.”

“Just like Momma!” I said.

“Umm….” He looked at momma, then at me, then at momma, then at me. “Ummmm….” 

Finally, his momma came to his rescue. “I can be pretty tough, though, can’t I?”

He nodded vigorously, “Yeah, like a tyrannosaurus!”

Heh, heh, heh.


2 thoughts on “Momma Mermaid

  1. nana says:

    All males, young or old should learn to be very careful!! I think Momma was just too kind!!!

  2. OrlandoDad says:

    The Tyrannosaurus was too kind? Now you’re just getting scary…

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