Jelly Belly

The other day I discovered C in his bedroom, poking his belly. When I walked in, he looked up at me and asked “is my belly soft?”

“Hmm…” I said, walking closer. “I’m not sure. What does it feel like? Does it feel like jelly?” I gave him a quick little poke.

He giggled. “No it doesn’t feel like jelly!”

I poked him again and he laughed and poked me back. After a brief little battle, I was struck by a great idea. “Hey,” I said, “let’s see if momma’s belly is like jelly!”

He agreed that this was, in fact, a great idea. We snuck out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. Momma was getting a bottle of milk out of the refrigerator when he ran up and poked her in the belly.

She straightened rather abruptly. “What was that!?”

“Scientific Experiment” I said.

She looked at me suspiciously, and C poked her in the belly again. “Hey,” he shouted, giggling, “it is like jelly! How about that?”

Heh, heh, heh…

I don’t believe I need to document J’s response other than to say that she didn’t actually throw the entire bottle of milk at me.

1 thoughts on “Jelly Belly

  1. nana says:

    Good one. A bath in milk would have suited ME just fine!!!

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