Christmas Recruiting

This is a placeholder for my Seminole Chronicle article that was published today. Click here to read it!

Key words for searchers: Santa, Volunteers, Helene

3 thoughts on “Christmas Recruiting

  1. Zarluga says:

    hhmmm… I think H might be less than 7 years older… Perhaps. Could be. hhhmmmm…..

    Merry Christmas!

  2. OrlandoDad says:

    Hahahaha! That’s pretty funny. Sorry about that. To set the record straight for everyone else, you’re only 7 years older for 6 months.

  3. Nana says:

    Funny I simply do not remember that …guess you never told us! I do remember the Christmas gifts, though. We always enjoyed them!
    She is not quite 7 years older….In fact I do remember someone thinking you were older….which all of us enjoyed!!!!

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