Desperate Resolution

During our first go round with potty training, we quickly came to the realization that cleaning a training potty is a truly unpleasant job. In fact, I only did it once before heading out to the store to by a kid seat that fit on the regular toilet. Flushing is infinitely preferable to scrubbing.

Kids being kids, however, both the boys quickly decided that they didn’t like to use the kid seat. Instead, they sat on the regular toilet, supporting themselves with their hands. Since the toilet seat is shaped like an oval and is smaller in front, this worked pretty well. When they were really little they sat way up at the front. As they grew, they moved themselves backwards. N still sits pretty far at the front.

Lately, however, he has been experimenting with facing sideways. I’m not really sure why, but it’s not something that seemed particularly important when he started doing it.

Turns out it kind of was.

This past week I’ve been flying solo. J was in Texas, and I took the week off to take care of the boys. It’s been an interesting time, to say the least. I have a whole new appreciation for parents who try to work at home while still parenting.

During one (not so) shining moment, I left N on the toilet with instructions to call me when he finished. As you may remember, he likes to sit there a long time, preferably while I read him stories.

I was at the computer for maybe 45 seconds before I heard “Help! Help me, Daddy! Help!”

I ran over to see what was wrong… only to discover that he’d fallen in.

He’d been sitting sideways and his hands had slipped. When I got there, he was literally folded in half. His arms were sticking straight up, as were his legs. His backside, I’m sorry to report, was in the water. He looked up at me when I came in. “Help me, Daddy! Help me!”

You may be wondering why am I posting this as my New Year’s day story. Well, I’m hoping to establish a new baseline. I’m guessing (hoping) that nothing I do in 2007 can be quite as bad as letting my youngest son fall into the toilet.

In fact, I think I’ll make that my New Year’s Resolution.

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  1. Nana says:

    He IS a good swimmer…

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