The Supreme Truth

Last weekend, we stopped at a fast food place on the way to wherever we were going. They must have had the music on pretty loud in there, because we could hear it blaring out as we pulled up to the pickup window of the drive-through.

“Stop in the name of love,
before you brea-eak my heart…”

Some of you may remember this song from before… The boys sure did. They recognized it immediately.

“Hey! Hey, Daddy! They’re singing your song!”

“Hey, Daddy! It’s Stop! They’re singing Stop!”

“How about that?” I said.

“Hey, they’re getting wrong! Those aren’t the words! Daddy, they’re getting it wrong!”

“Ah… well, you know. Different people sing it different-”

“They’re getting it wrong! That’s funny!”

What could I do? I nodded. “Yep.”

2 thoughts on “The Supreme Truth

  1. OrlandoDad says:

    Since I’ve been getting questions: the song in question (”Stop in the Name of Love”) was originally performed by The Supremes. It was sung by Diana Ross. The title of the tale “The Supreme Truth” was meant to be a pun on that, because I’m avoiding a Truth about the Supremes.

    Of course, the fact that I’m having to explain my pun is an indication that it wasn’t the best of ideas… Ah well.

  2. Arthur Dent says:


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