Go Now!

Last Sunday started out as pretty much the perfect day for us. After church, we hit a local park for a couple of hours. Then we met Nana and Grampa at a restaurant for a leisurely lunch. By the time we got home, we were all ready for naps.

All of us except C, of course.

4 year olds simply don’t take naps. He was, however, content to play with the trains while J and I dozed on the couches. There’s something amazingly relaxing about dozing on a sunny day while listening to the little guy play with his trains. I can’t explain it. It just is.

The waking up wasn’t so great, however.

I woke up to see a conflict between C and his momma. He was hopping from foot to foot in front of her couch. “I’ve got to go potty! I’ve got to go potty!”

This is a clue as to how sleepy he was. He’s been going potty by himself for about a year now.

His momma was groggy also, but also in complete emergency mode: “Well, go! Go! Don’t wait! Go!”

“But Mommy…” He wailed.

She used her Voice of Command: “Go Now! Go!”

He crossed his legs and went.

I sat up, stretching. “Um. She meant ‘run to the potty,’ not ‘go on the floor.’” I volunteered.

He was on the edge of tears: “Oh”

Strangely, his momma still doesn’t seem to see the humor in this little misunderstanding.

2 thoughts on “Go Now!

  1. Nana says:

    Poor Momma…No sense of humor….alot like mine… lshis

  2. Barbara says:

    well at least he didnt pee on his sisters leg, like someone I know! Tinkle Man, er Jr.

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