Memorial Day 2007

Yesterday, I decided that I’d try to write something touching for Memorial Day. Unfortunately, when I sat down to try to write it, I had a really tough time. It’s hard for me to not get political when writing about the military, and that’s not what today is about. Eventually, I gave up. Last night, however, my oldest came through for me.

About 3 years ago, we started doing a family prayer as part of the bedtime ritual for C. It’s a simple little thing where we say a bedtime prayer and then go around the circle and each person mentions the names of the people they want to bless.

Of course, with kids as young as ours, naming people to bless is something of a challenge. Over past few years, the kids have gone through all the stages you’d expect: naming stuffed animals, creating imaginary names, competing for names, and so forth. We try to keep it on topic, correcting them as necessary and prompting them by asking things like “who did we see today?” 

Most of the time, the names they come up with are pretty standard things. However, a few months ago, C started adding a new one to the mix: the army.

One of our good friends recently retired from the army, and we think that’s where it came from. His little girl is C’s closest buddy. In any event, it has stuck.

Now C waits patiently through every bedtime prayer for his chance to shout “The army! God bless the army!”

God bless the army, indeed.

Thanks for getting me back on track with my Memorial Day tale, little guy!

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