Valentine Prayer

More and more, the kids are wanting to be center-stage. Last Valentine’s Day we had a funny moment with C. He wanted to do the bedtime prayer. Usually, our bedtime prayer is a simple thing that we either say together or alternate lines on. At the end, everyone says who they want to bless (ala Memorial Day).

On Valentine’s Day, however, C announced that he wanted to do the whole prayer himself. He had the perfect prayer, he said, and he wanted to say it.

That was fine with us. We settled back to listen.

He clearly wasn’t expecting this reaction. He looked around the room, trying to figure out what to say. “Ummm… Giants aren’t real, but pirates are real, but Giants aren’t and…” He was looking at the various toys and books that were nearby for inspiration. However, we’d told him that it was important to only say real things during the prayer. No blessing Mickey Mouse, for example.

“Pirates aren’t really what…”

And, of course, there was the challenge of finding something that you actually wanted to bless.

“Bears! Bears are… no, no, no.”

At this point, his brother was grinning from ear to ear, and starting to point out things. “Trucks?”

His momma intervened, “how about God bless…?”

“That’s right!” He said. “Now I remember. God bless Valentine’s!”

We decided to let him off the hook: “Amen”

Being off the hot seat gave him a bit more courage. “Wow, that was a great prayer wasn’t it, Daddy?” he asked.

I hesitated for a moment, before coming up with something appropriately diplomatic. “I’m sure St. Valentine appreciated it.” I said. He nodded happily.

There was a St. Valentine wasn’t there?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure Was!!!

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