Epcot, But…

J worked this past Friday, which meant, of course, that I didn’t. Instead, I took the kids down to Epcot. I don’t know if you’ve been to Epcot or not. For those that haven’t, it has a really strange entrance. First you pass through what looks like a giant graveyard from some futuristic horror movie. I’m not kidding. They have these huge polished granite memorial stones jutting up from the ground at sharp angles. These stones form rows angling towards a round fountain/waterfall thing that was clearly intended to be “contemplative” instead of “fun.” It’s a strange way to start a day at an amusement park.

Once past the graveyard, you walk under Spaceship Earth, which is a huge futuristic metallic structure that is, all things considered, awfully cool. After going through (or by) Spaceship Earth, you arrive at a fantastic courtyard bordered by gardens and (somewhat) shaded by colorful umbrella type things, many of which are spinning.

It’s really a great courtyard. I just wish you didn’t have to pass through the graveyard to get to it.

On the other side of the courtyard is the biggest fountain you’ve ever seen. Much of the time, it’s a normal giant fountain with water shooting up into the air in fun patterns. Sometimes, however, music plays and the fountain goes crazy, firing water high into the sky in time to the music.

That’s what was happening when we arrived. Naturally, we ran closer to get a better view. We ended up standing near three people in their early twenties. Two guys and a girl, in fact. They were leaning on the edge of the fountain, watching and talking to each other. The girl had her legs straight, which meant her backside was sticking out – right in front of N’s head.

We watched the fountains for a few minutes and then the little guy looked up at me and said in a very loud clear voice “I love bottoms.”

Now there’s a conversation stopper for you. As the girl’s head whipped around to glare at us, I grabbed their little hands and we hurried off to the rest of our day.

1 thoughts on “Epcot, But…

  1. Nana says:

    Never thought of all those picture stones as grave stones before! I suppose they could be.

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