Poor Papou

My father-in-law is what you might call a successful man. He’s both a doctor and a priest, and has been blessed with success in both his professions. I’m not saying this to brag, but simply to put this story into context. He’s also not exactly what you’d call the skinniest of men. Again, that’s only to give you some context. I’m not making any commentary here.

The kids call him “Papou”, which is Greek for grandfather.

Okay, that’s enough context.

A C’s school on Thursday, they had a little event during chapel where all the kids brought in can goods and brought them up to the altar for the poor. At least that was the idea.

When C arrived at the altar with his can, he held it out to the attendant and said – in a very clear voice for all to hear – “This is for Papou. He doesn’t have any food.” He then handed her the can, gave her his sad look, and walked away.

I’ve no idea where he got that idea from, and I wasn’t there to speak up. Neither was his mom. In fact, she heard about it from one of the other teachers.

I’ve spent the rest of Thursday trying to think of something to add to this.. but I just can’t. It’s priceless all by itself.

Maybe the next time Papou comes to visit, we can convince him to visit the school with us. I’d love to see the expression on his face when someone presses a can of soup into his hands…

1 thoughts on “Poor Papou

  1. Nana says:

    Frankly I would like to see his face when he reads this!!!!He is such a good sport though that he will laugh along with the rest of us!

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