When it comes to getting kids to sleep in the car, parents will try just about anything. We have a “Sleepy CD” that works wonders. It’s one lullaby after another. The only problem is staying awake while you drive.

Unfortunately, we used that CD a little too much, and the kids figured us out. Now they know that when they hear that CD, we’re trying to put them to sleep. Naturally, this means that they fight to stay awake.

So, we have a backup lullaby CD, one that we only use occasionally. This one doesn’t have lullabies that the kids recognize, but is still filled with quiet music. It has songs like “Edelweiss” – soft slow ballads.

A few weeks ago – prior to our trip to Stone Mountain – we watched Sound of Music with the boys on one of our movie nights. They absolutely loved it. So much so that we took it with us so they could watch it on the mini-van’s DVD player during the drive to Stone Mountain. Nothing like a three hour movie to keep the kids occupied.

I don’t know if you know the movie or not, but at one point Captain Von Trapp and his family are forced to put on a show for the Nazis. The family is trying to escape occupied Austria and they use this show as part of their escape attempt. At the end of the show, Captain Von Trapp sings a quiet song called “Edelweiss”, about the national flower of Austria.

As the Captain started singing, N (the three year old) immediately started shouting for us to pause the movie. I fumbled for the remote and paused it. “What?” I asked. “What is it?”

“Daddy,” he said. “Is he trying to sing the bad guys to sleep?”

Groan. Looks like we need a new backup lullaby CD. “He certainly would like to, big guy,” I said. “He certainly would like to.”

I put the movie back on.

Anyone know a good lullaby CD that doesn’t sound like a lullaby CD?

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  1. Nana says:

    If you cannot put one over on them at Three…What will you do at teen time????

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