Mountain Biking

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1 thoughts on “Mountain Biking

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    “Over the past months, all I’ve been able to do is watch from the sidelines as he has learned more and more about riding. Watch and listen, that is, listen to my wife’s stories about riding with him.”

    That’s from your “Mountain Biking” story, and it reminds me of how I feel when, after a writing coaching session, I send a writer off with an assignment, some direction, maybe a list of resources to consult–but I can’t follow him or her home and make sure they don’t run into an obstacle.

    I’ve never been a parent–and I just don’t think cat caregiver counts in this forum–but, boy, the Jewish Mother that lurks within emerges when I engage with “my” writers.

    Now, “my” writers are adults. They were fully capable of making terrific, safe, sage decisions before I ever met them. Generally speaking, “my” writers appear in my life well-fed with the rent paid up. Why would I worry that a little homework would throw them?

    Oy! But worry I do. Like Daddytales sidelined during C’s critical bike-riding weeks, I just would feel so much more secure for these folks if they would JUST TAKE ME HOME WITH THEM so I could make sure nothing scrapes their narrative knees–or that, at the very least, that I’m there to kiss the boo-boo if the do.

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