Prophetic Thoughts

The boys attend Sunday school during church each week. For the most part, Sunday school at their age is just doing crafts and listening to stories. They much prefer it to sitting in church.

When I picked up N (our three year old) from Sunday School yesterday, he was carrying a puppet made out of a paper bag with a colored-in picture of a donkey’s head stuck to the top. He was very proud of his donkey, showing it to me and telling me he was going to give me a puppet show.

“Cool,” I said. “I’ve never seen a donkey puppet before.” We were navigating through crowds of people and I was more focussed on staying together and moving forward than on his donkey puppet.

“Did you know Jesus had a talking donkey?” He asked.

I stopped and picked him up. “What?”

“A talking donkey. Jesus had a talking donkey! He’s the one that told the story today.”

“Jesus’ talking donkey came to your class to tell you a story?”

He laughed. “No. He was the one telling the story.”

Ah. Got it. The story was told from his point of view. “Isn’t that cool?” He asked. “A talking donkey!”

Why do I have a feeling that Jesus’ talking donkey is about to become a regular fixture in my household?

1 thoughts on “Prophetic Thoughts

  1. Nana says:

    This is the secret donkey????
    At three, you told me very indignantly that “Bears can’t talk!” Referring to the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

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