The Final Word

I just won a major battle in the ongoing debate with the kids over who is the top chef. Nana had been over to help out while my wife had some medical tests, and while she was here she made the sauce for her famous macaroni and cheese.

Before she left, she explained to me how to add the sauce to the pasta and finish it off in the oven. Yes, that is a fine indicator of my cooking skills – I needed the explanation of how to put macaroni and cheese together.

I cooked it up that evening, and served it to the boys with the explanation that Nana and Daddy had both worked on this particular batch of macaroni and cheese.

As they were gobbling it down, I asked what they thought of the new Nana-and-Daddy-cooked macaroni and cheese.

My oldest (the five year old) paused with his fork halfway to his mouth. He looked at the food, and then at me, clearly considering the matter.

“Powerful,” he said. “Powerful.” And stuffed the fork full of food into his mouth.

I’ll take it.

1 thoughts on “The Final Word

  1. Nana says:

    Have you ever figured out the “best eggs” comment?

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