Birthday Blues

Our three year old became a four year old yesterday. At the end of the festivities, as I was sitting in a chair pondering the cleanup, the little guy ran over to stand in front of me. “Daddy, am I four now?”

“Yep!” I said. “You’re four!”

He looked down at himself, then back up at me. Somehow, he managed to look both confused, concerned, and disappointed.. “But I’m not any bigger!”

I grabbed him for a hug. “Don’t worry. You’re getting bigger every day – a little bit every day.”

2 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. Nana says:

    Too soon! He will be bigger than you or me!

  2. Zarluga says:

    “When I was one, I had just begun,
    When I was two, I was nearly new,
    When I was three, I was hardly me,
    When I was four, I wasn’t much more,
    When I was five, I was barely alive
    Now I am six, I am better than ever,
    I think I’ll stay six forever and ever!”
    –the big red book

    Ok a little early for N, but soon to be spot on for C!

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