Tarzan vs. the Leopard

We watched Tarzan (the Disney animated version) the other day. We had watched it once before, but decided it was too scary. Now that the kids are older (4 and 6), I thought they would be able to handle it..

I was right. They loved it. During fight scenes, they couldn’t keep still (especially the 6 year old), jumping up and down and leaning this way and that. During scary scenes, they either drifted back closer to me or climbed up into my lap.

At one point in the movie, there is a fairly long battle between Tarzan and the vicious leopard who killed his parents. It’s an intense scene, where the advantage shifts back and forth several times.

By the end of the fight, both kids were on their feet, fists clenched, jumping up and down and shouting.

After it finished, my youngest gave a laugh of relief and turned to me. “I was rooting for Tarzan.”

“Good. Me too.”

Of course, it had never occured to me that cheering for the leopard was an option. I must be getting old and crusty.

1 thoughts on “Tarzan vs. the Leopard

  1. Nana says:

    C always did root for the wicked witch, if I remember correctly!

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