We have a strict rule in our house: no one gets up before 6:30am. Our two boys sleep in the same room. It’s the oldest’s job to make sure that no one leaves that bedroom before 6:30am. Though he hates the restriction, he likes the responsibility of being the clock reader.

Yesterday morning, however, was a special case. We heard them over the monitor at 5. Well, actually, we heard the oldest. “Hey! Hey, wake up! It’s Christmas morning!”

The little guy took a moment to get his bearings. “What? No, I want to – hey! It’s Christmas! Come on! Let’s see what Santa brought! Come on!”

“No,” the oldest replied. “It’s only 5:00. That’s too early.”

“But -”

“No. It’s too early.”

They chatted back and forth, grumbled and waited. For my part, I lay in bed and listened – wondered if I should go get them.

Finally, I heard the oldest say, “Okay! It’s 5:30! Now we can go!”

Their door banged open, and they ran to come get us – only one hour earlier than they’re allowed.

On Christmas day, however, I think that counts as a show of amazing self-restraint.

1 thoughts on “Self-Restraint

  1. nana says:

    I knew it was early! Somehow I thought the clock read 6:30! lol
    It was a lovely morning, and to have three days in one for Christmas is nice, too…

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